How is the Engine Compression Test Performed?

  Engines, which have a great place in vehicle technology, have the greatest importance for the health of the vehicle. For this reason, engine health is the most important factor in vehicles. For this, many related maintenance and tests are applied to the vehicle in technical services. One of them is known as the Engine Compression Test. Engine compression test is done to measure whether there is a compression loss in the vehicle. Drivers can easily detect whether there is a compression leak or not, as a result of careful observation. Particular attention should be paid to these issues in this regard. If there is a decrease in engine power, one of the causes is compression leakage. Another reason for the increase in fuel consumption is compression leakage. One of the compression leak indicators is that the engine starts to burn more oil than normal. If grayish-bluish smoke comes out of the exhaust, this indicates a compression leak. In such cases, a technical service should